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Spindrifter Series :: Sarah Hauser

T H E   S P I N D R I F T E R   S E R I E S

Today we are beyond excited to introduce you to our next incredible and inspiring women, professional Water Sports athlete Sarah Hauser! Sarah is from New Caledonia, a beautiful French island in the South Pacific. At age 15 she windsurfed her first wave and since then has been competing in all the big wave events and is the most incredible and inspiring windsurfer to watch.  Last year Sarah was voted as the prestigious AWSI female windsurfer of the year! We caught up with Sarah to ask her a few questions…

Let’s jump in and ask her some questions…

How did you come to be a full time windsurfer?

Windsurfing has been a hobby since I was a kid. When I first tried in waves at age 15 I realise it had to be more than that. So after graduating from engineering school at 23, I booked a round trip ticket to Maui with the money I earned from my internships. That trip changed my life: I entered my first competition, ranked 5th, got my first sail and board sponsor and decided that I wasn’t meant to be a programmer but an athlete and that I would dedicate my life to chase my dreams.

What’s your big vision // dream for the next few years?

I dream about pushing the limits of the sport of windsurfing because it gives me insane sensations and it inspire people to believe that with a lot of work and love for what we do anything is possible. I dream about making films people enjoy watching and get them to know about our water sports. I’d love to see more women trying those sports especially the ones who are scared and think only males can do them.


Tell us what typical day for you looks like?

It starts with figuring out what the weather is gonna be like so I can maximise my time on the water (windsurfing, surfing or Stand Up Paddling) and still get some work done, go train or stretch at the gym, shoot and edit video, give SUP yoga classes, write articles, work around the house (build some board racks, repair some dings…), try to be a better cook!

When you’re not busy windsurfing, where can we find you?

In the water! If there are waves but no wind I’m still very happy to go surf with a surfboard or a paddle board. I also love freediving. I always try to find something to do around the ocean. I just need that! And if it’s a rainy day, I love to stay home and watch an Hercule Poirot episode with my husband!

  What has been your most important & defining moment so far?

I guess it was each time I windsurfed at Jaws. It’s a very dangerous wave in Maui. The adrenaline you get out of one ride is incredible. I don’t think that sensation can be matched. You’re truly on the edge of getting destroyed or having the most incredible sensations of your life.


Tell us about your personal connection to our wild and beautiful oceans + what do you do to minimise your impact on them?

Growing up in New Caledonia, I’ve always been connected and caring about the ocean. There is no limit to what we can do to help protect it. Here are a couple things that I do: I use coral friendly sunscreen, if I’m camping I use biodegradable soap and shampoo, if I’m on a boat and we need to stop somewhere we use the buoys rather than the anchor which destroys coral and seagrass each time it’s used, when we fish we never take more than what we can eat, and every year I take part in beach clean ups with different associations like Positive H2O or the SurfRider foundation.

  What two key things have you learnt in your adventurous path which continue to push you forward?

It’s a bit of a classic but “the path matters more than the destination” is definitely true. Working hard, adventuring far, facing fears… all that has to be the part we love in every journey otherwise we’re just waiting for an idea to become our reality which never happens.

Second key thing would be surrounding yourself with people you love!


Who / what do you look to for inspiration?  

Other athletes, musicians, family members… Every day I meet somebody or I read about something that inspires me. I think that’s one of the cool things about social media. If you know how not to get obsessed with it, then it becomes a great way to share the stoke and get inspired for the rest of the day.

What is your favourite quote and why does it particularly resonate with you?

The free diver Davide Carrera once said “you have to work hard with no expectations”. It sounded rough at first, almost like saying “you can’t have dreams”. But then I realised it was about enjoying the moment rather than wasting it wishing our dreams come true. Off course we need to be driven, but driven because we love what we do.

What’s next on your horizon? // What can we expect to see?

I’m currently working on two documentaries projects: “Girl on Wave” which tells my story and introduces people to the sport of windsurfing, and “Back to the Roots” which showcase New Caledonia and talks about our impact on the environment. I can wait for those to be ready to show.

What advice would you have for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Don’t follow footsteps! Be yourself, make your own path, believe in what you love, be bold and be brave!

Thank you so much Sarah for taking the time to chat to us, you are a total inspiration! If you want to find out more about Sarah click the links below.




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