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Your Word – Bangle

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Materials: Recycled Sterling Silver

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Beautiful recycled sterling silver hammered ‘Word’ bangle, hand stamped with a word of your choice.  The word could be an intention that you wish to create, hold a memory for you of a place or a feeling, or keep a connection to someone, somewhere or something.

Examples of words that might resonate with you could be, ‘Wanderlust’, ‘Adventure’, ‘Explore’, ‘Oceans’, ‘Beach’,  Aloha, Free Spirit, ‘Grounded’,  ‘Mountains’, ‘Namaste’, ‘Travel’, ‘Surf’, ‘Nomad’, ‘Love’, ‘Wander’, ‘Creative’, ‘Barefoot’, ‘Wilds’, ‘Wilderness’ or ‘Happiness’!

Or perhaps its a place that you love, such as ‘Sydney’, ‘London’, ‘Paris’, ‘New York’, ‘Lake Garda’, ‘Vassiliki’, ‘Manly’, ‘Palm Beach’, ‘Himalayas’ or ‘Alaska’, ‘Bali’, ‘Sweden’, ‘Italy’, ‘South Africa’ or ‘Caribbean’?

The opportunities are endless, what word would you choose?

Please use the notes section of your order, to let us know what word you would like on your bangle.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for the dispatch this custom item.


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Please note that these images are a representation of the style and colour of the item. Due to the nature of hammered and hand stamped silver, exact shapes and textures of the hammering and lettering will vary slightly . These differences we do not see as a flaw in fact we think that this is what makes each piece so special.



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