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We may only be a small company at Spindrift Collections, but we have a BIG vision!

We are working towards Spindrift Collections becoming the most sustainable, ethical and responsible that we can be as a brand. Alongside creating beautiful jewellery we want to create change, give back and do good! We wish to positively impact our planet and it’s people, preserving the wild natural landscapes for our children and grandchildren.

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Alongside our work to give back through 1% for the Planet and encouraging our customers to embrace positive lifestyle choices through our WILDS Philosophy we also want to to help change ‘normal’ within the jewellery industry!

We want to encourage other jewellery brands and jewellery buyers to put our beautiful planet and its people first, so that a new ‘normal; is reached within our industry. Imagine a world, where instead of being sustainable and working ethically being a point of difference for brands such as ours, it actually becomes the norm. For us its about working together in the jewellery community to create change to positively impact our planet.

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Sustainability and respect for the planet and its people has always been central to the way that we work at Spindrift Collections and it has been pivotal in the conscious decisions we have made as we continue to expand and grow. We believe that this journey towards our vision is a continual process.

We freely admit that everything in Spindrift Collections is not quite perfect yet, but we also know that we are committed to constantly moving Spindrift Collections forward, towards that ultimate vision of being the most sustainable and ethical we can be as a brand.

Every year we make improvements, to progress towards our big vision. We believe in being transparent with our manufacturing processes, so if you re interested to know more, read on to find out more about our supply chain….

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Founder and designer, Tasha Wakefield designs all our jewellery in her small studio on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. The designs are inspired by her travels, our wild natural landscapes and by a sense of wanderlust for places yet to explore.

We work with some important suppliers at Spindrift Collections who share our values and understand our vision. They help us create our designs, making some of our components for us, which Tasha & her small team then finish, assemble and package before sending them to you our customer.

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All our sterling silver charms, pendants and rings are made for us by skilled artisans, in a wonderful sterling silver studio in Denpassar, Bali. We were lucky enough (after over a year of research) to find this wonderful business to work with, to create some of our designs, most importantly in 100% recycled sterling silver..

.We feel very lucky to have partnered with this studio who shares our values in sustainability and ethics. The studio is extremely mindful in their processes, working with 100% certified recycled sterling silver and maintaining safe, sustainable production methods for their staff. They are also importantly paid fairly for their work.

The studio uses some wonderful sustainable production methods such as using a natural, final polishing compound made from coconut oil, and by using recycled walnut shells to polish the silver pieces.

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Beach glass also known as sea glass is old discarded glass from bottles and jars that have made their way into the ocean. Over many years the waves, water and salt naturally smooth the glass down to a beautifully soft and polished finish.

We only use genuine hand-collected beach glass in our designs, which we never sand or shape in any way, apart from drilling the hole so we can add them to our necklaces. It is vitally important to us that our beach glass is authentic and always created by the ocean. Tasha (our founder) has been collecting beach glass for most of her life and loves her daily walks along the shoreline collecting new treasures.

As Spindrift has grown, we also now support other beach glass collectors around the world in locations such as Canada, USA and the UK, to ensure that we have a great supply of authentic beach glass for our designs.

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The recycled sterling silver for our designs (made at our studio partner in Bali) is sourced from Umicore Thailand, which is part of the London Bullion Associations’s ‘Good Delivery List of Acceptable Refiners of gold and silver’.

Umicore Precious Metals (Thailand) Ltd is located in Bangkok and its primary sources of recycled feedstock are sweeps and scrap material sourced from industries such as the jewellery and electronics sectors.

By using recycled sterling silver, we decrease the global demand for newly mined silver and reduce the environmentally and socially destructive effects of the metal mining practices. The naturally occurring silver is a finite resource, there is only a limited amount left in the ground, so we believe that recycling the precious metal is the most responsible and sustainable long term solution to creating our jewellery.

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Our Spindrift Collections chains are made for us in a fantastic family owned and run chain manufacturer in Italy, who have over 40 years experience in the chain manufacture industry.

The chains are completely produced at this manufacturer in Italy.

The Italian business adheres to the European Union (EU) employment law protects the rights of workers across the EU.

The silver used to make our chains is refined in house within this business from scrap fine silver and is over 70% recycled. We are working with our supplier on increasing this to be 100% recycled in the future.

Responsible business practices


A proud member of 1% for the Planet We give back 1% of every sale


Every order made = One Tree Planted in Australia


We use recycled sterling silver & recycled glass in our designs


Our designs are made responsibly and ethically