“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty,
your hair messy and your eyes sparkling” ― Shanti


At Spindrift, all of our collections are carefully created to capture the understated beauty of nature, and the distinctive rush of adventure. The serendipity of witnessing the first glow of sunrise, and the indescribable feeling of diving into the unknown.

We are committed to celebrating, honouring and protecting our environment, and being mindful of our individual decisions.

Our jewellery is responsibly crafted using recycled sterling silver and authentic sea-smoothed beach glass.

Spontaneity runs through our Spindrift blood and drives our every move. It encourages us to travel more, use less and live simply.

Wherever you wander, wherever you explore, take a piece of Spindrift with you.

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"The Spindrift Collections are created for the dreamers, the free spirited adventurers
& barefoot wanderers
wanting to tread their own path and protect the WILDS"


At Spindrift we pledge to always create and abide by the most ethical practices, so you can continue to enjoy wearing jewellery with a conscience. We are a proud Australian business member of 1% for the Planet, and give back to not-for-profits that focus on protecting and conserving our delicate global environment.

Our ultimate goal is to help reduce the litter and waste in our natural world, and encourage our customers to live more mindfully through our W.I.L.D.S philosophy.

By choosing Spindrift Collections you are showing your commitment to respecting and protecting this beautiful planet that we all call home — and for that, we thank you...


Meet Tasha, the founder, designer and creative behind every piece of Spindrift — this is her story.  A wanderer at heart, Tasha has always been captivated by the beauty of nature, and likewise bewildered by the damaging and irreversible footprint we leave as humans.  While growing up on the brisk English coastline, Tasha loved nothing more than wandering barefoot in the sand in search of beautiful pebbles, stones and sea glass.

In 2010, Tasha packed up her bags, ditched the winter wardrobe and followed her heart to the warmer shores of Sydney, Australia. With a background in sculpture and metalwork (and a slight obsession for beach combing), Tasha was determined to do more, be better and raise awareness about the importance of following a more conscious and sustainable path — and, Spindrift Collections was born.

Tasha lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia with her husband and son.  For Tasha there is nothing quite like the wild feeling of the wind blowing through her hair, and soft sand between her toes, the sound of the trees and the oceans roaring to their tune.

"Nature is a power that is beyond us — and as consumers
we have the power to honour and protect it"