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Our Philosophy

Wandering barefoot into new adventures

We want to inspire you to get outside into the great outdoors, swim in the ocean, hike into the mountains, switch off your mobile phone and breathe. The ocean and the wilds, hold a special place in the Spindrift philosophy and the collections are often inspired by the sea and by a sense of wanderlust for places not yet explored. Wherever you might be, wearing Spindrift Collections jewellery allows you the freedom of always having a piece of the ocean with you, and an escape to a beautiful memory, dream or adventure.

‘Inspired by the ever changing beauty of the ocean and by a sense of wanderlust for places yet to explore...’

W.I.L.D.S Lifestyle

Wearing Spindrift Collections jewellery is a commitment to honour and protect the wilds. We want to empower our customers to live simply and consciously divert, avoid, reuse and recycle disposable litter every day.

WEAR your commitment to protecting the wilds

INSPIRE others around you to enjoy the outdoors 

LOOK for alternatives within your lifestyle 

DIVERT pick up & recycle litter every day

SIMPLIFY your lifestyle and be mindful of your choices 

Authentic and timeless design

At Spindrift our commitment is to create designs that are timeless and authentic. We believe jewellery should be a lifelong treasure that can be passed to future generations, meaning we steer clear of short-lived trends and only use high quality materials. Every piece in the collection can be added to or altered so it can grow and evolve with you, from adding a new charm or piece of glass to changing a chain. Many pieces in the Collections are interchangeable and expandable allowing you the freedom to choose the pieces that speak to you now whilst knowing that you can change and update them in the years to come.



“You must be the change you wish to see in the word” Gandhi.

We believe that we all have a responsibility to honour, protect and give back to our beautiful planet. By wearing Spindrift Collections jewellery you are showing your commitment to honour and respect our oceans and natural landscapes.

We are a proud member of  ‘1% for the Planet’ and donate 1% of every sale to environmental and ocean conservation organisations and charities. We also support beach clean up’s and events.  We welcome contact from charities who share our vision of working towards a better world.

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