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Materials + Product Care


Spindrift Collections is committed to sourcing all our materials sustainably and ethically.

Our products are designed and created in our studios on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia and often incorporate recycled materials, such as authentic sea smoothed beach glass and recycled sterling silver.

We have personal relationships with all our suppliers, and expect them to strive towards the same high standards and values that we do.

Sterling Silver

All silver used in Spindrift Collections designs is 100% sterling silver. We are working towards our ultimate goal of having 100% recycled sterling silver in all of our designs. Currently our chains are ethically made in Europe with 70% recycled sterling silver. Our surfboard, star, starfish, compass, feather, bird, hamsa charms are all ethically made for us in 100% recycled sterling silver. Our om, lotus and snowflake charms are made ethically but not yet in recycled silver. It is a continual process for us and we are continually refining our processes and production to minimise precious metal waste.

Beach Glass

Beach glass or sea glass is old discarded glass from bottles and jars that have made their way into the ocean. Over many years the waves, water and salt naturally smooth the glass down to a beautifully soft and polished finish. We only use genuine hand-collected beach glass in our designs, which we never sand or shape in any way, apart from drilling the hole so we can add them to our necklaces. We hand collect beach glass from Australia, UK and all over the world. Alongside us hand collecting glass every day, we support local & international beach glass collectors to ensure we have a constant supply of authentic sea smoothed beach glass.

Reclaimed Timber

Our wooden necklaces are made using beads transformed from old reclaimed Australian timbers, meaning no new trees were harmed in the making of our products.

Organic Cotton

We use only organic cotton in our soft cotton scarfs, unless clearly stated otherwise. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals using methods and materials that have minimal environmental impact.

Product Care

Spindrift Collections jewellery is designed with your outdoor adventures and wanderings in mind.

Sterling silver is a naturally soft metal which loves to be worn – so the best way to keep your sterling silver jewellery looking its best is to simply wear it! Try and keep your silver jewellery away from strong perfumes or chemicals, as this encourages the silver to tarnish.  Sterling silver will naturally tarnish over time,  so to bring it back to its original shine, just gently polish it with a jewellery cleaning cloth and it will resume its original sheen. Be mindful to keep your jewellery clean and dry after wearing and when your silver Spindrift items need a rest keep them in your Spindrift Box, which comes free with every purchase.

Beach glass is generally quite strong, but should be treated they same way you would treat any other glass item as it can damage or break if knocked or dropped on a hard surface.  If you would like your beach glass to have a lovely sheen then we recommend polishing the glass with a tiny dab of organic coconut oil.



If you have any other questions about the materials or processes we use in our products, or about how to care for your Spindrift items, please feel free to drop us an email.

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