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Layering, stacking & styling your Spindrift

If you are anything like us, you are way to busy having adventures to think too much about how to layer & style your beach jewellery. We thought we would put together a few quick tips on how to style your pieces.

Our recycled sterling silver Spindrift pieces effortlessly lend themselves to layering and stacking.  For starters our chains are adjustable allowing them to be worn at 3 lengths. This means you can easily style two or more of our necklaces together to create your own style.

My personal favourite combination at the moment is layering our Explore necklace in turquoise at the longest length with our One Ocean necklace at the shortest length. They look so great layered together and is a subtly tell my story of how I love to travel and explore.

Below here you can see how Andy from No Shoes No Worries has styled our Oceans Necklace with the Surf Necklace.

layering spindrift beach glass jewellery

The trick is to make sure the necklaces you want to style together, compliment each other in some way.  This could be simply the colour palette or the style. It’s also great to style contrasting pieces, such as a statement necklace alongside some more delicate pieces.

Its normally easiest to wear some neutral colour and style clothing when layering necklaces. This way the jewellery can do the talking, rather than clashing with patterned or overly detailed clothing. Thats not to say it can’t work, but it takes much more thought to layer jewellery with patterns.

You really can’t go wrong with an organic cotton or thrifted white t-shirt, some awesome denim such as something from Outland paired with your Spindrift pieces. A classic and easy to thrown on look.  (Just as an aside, when you are out shopping, always have the Good on You app close to hand to check the ethical ratings of stores you might like to shop at).

When you are choosing your outfit for your layered jewellery style, think about neckline of the top, dress or bikini you are wearing. You want your layered necklaces to sit just above or below the necklace, rather than right on the neckline.

Stacking rings is another favourite of ours and a great way to style your Spindrift pieces.

Our ethically made Adventure Rings are all designed to stack together to create an awesome look.  Take a look below on a great way to style our swell, beach glass, wave and mountain rings. They all work so well together, so just choose the pieces you love and enjoy stacking them together to create your own look.

The most important thing when layering and stacking your jewellery it to enjoy it! Experiment with different ways to wear and layer the pieces you have. Add in extra pieces from our collections when the mood takes you.  All our necklaces are also interchangeable and you can also purchase extra charms & glass to add to your necklaces to keep creating new looks.

We would love to see how your style your pieces, make sure you hashtag #spindriftcollections on instagram, as we love to share your photos.

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