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How to have a W.I.L.D.S Christmas!

So the Christmas decorations have already sneaked into every supermarket and department store and it won’t be long before Mariah Carey is on every single radio station! The festive season is here! and as I keep being reliably informed its only a few weeks till Christmas!

I really do love Christmas, I love catching up with family, enjoying shared moments, meals, picnics and generally feeling super festive. Its our sons 2nd Christmas this year and we are so excited to share it with him now he is a little older

With all these beautiful and good things, the festive season has a darker side which I really don’t like. Christmas brings with it EXCESS and spins well meaning people into a whirlwind of excessive waste, plastic packaging and so many unwanted gifts.

It is unfortunately a  time of mass over consumption, millions of dollars are spent each year on stuff that many people don’t even want, with lots of things ending up in landfill after a few months.  A few years back, I would have been part of this hamster wheel of Christmas, following along like I believed was normal, buying excessive gifts, wrapping in shiny plastic Christmas paper, but over the years things have really changed for me. I now am much more mindful at Christmas purchasing really special gifts that will last a lifetime, gifts that grow, gifts that give back, gifts from local responsible businesses, gifts of experiences and gifts I know my loved ones will love and treasure.

Christmas is a time when our Spindrift W.I.L.D.S Philosophy is so important. It is a set of words we live by here at Spindrift.


Having a WILDS Christmas is not about avoiding Christmas all together, far from it, in fact its about being mindful over Christmas and enjoying every moment.

Here are a few ideas from us on how to have a ‘W.I.L.D.S’ Festive Season!

WEAR your commitment to having a mindful Christmas!

Wear responsible clothing brands. Download the the Good on You – shopping app – Find out how your favourite fashion brands rate and discover new brands who do better. Purchase from local brands, buy from your local charity shop. Mend, repair and up-cycle things you already have. Make sure you are making a difference when you shop.

INSPIRE others to have a mindful Christmas

Start talking about your desire to have a W.I.L.D.S Christmas this year and inspire others to do the same. Lets start to change the way that Christmas is perceived. Making it about shared experiences, being together with close friends and family, having meaningful conversations and making memories.  Make giving back with kindness a part of your Christmas – this could be donating something to a local charity, giving some food to a food bank or give the gift of your time to a local beach clean up.

LOOK for alternatives 

Purchase ethically, responsibly and mindfully. Instead of heading to your standard high street shops in the mall. Look for alternatives. Head to your local farmers and craft markets, buy local where you can. There are so many amazing companies out there doing great things by the planet and its people – support them and avoid the mass produced plastic rubbish. You can also make, grow,  bake and re-gift the most thoughtful and amazing gifts.

DIVERT and avoid waste

Try and divert and avoid excessive waste this year. Wrap your Christmas gifts differently.  Avoid the mass produced Christmas giftwrap, wrap in brown recycled paper and string with sprigs of herbs instead or try wrapping with fabric like our Driftwrap that can be reused for a lifetime. Not only does it save resources and waste, its also SO much easier to wrap with with no need for sticky tape needed as you can just knot and tie instead.  Be mindful of the plastic and packaging.  Be prepared when you are at Christmas events, take your metal straws or reusable cups. Same when shopping, take a reusable bag and avoid the store bags that just go into the bin anyway after you purchase.

SIMPLIFY your Christmas this year

Don’t buy an excess of anything, there is no need to purchase enough food to feed 20 people if you are only feeding 4 for Christmas dinner.  Enjoy the special moments, these are the things you will treasure and remember, make time to switch off your phone and really connect with your friends and family. Take time to have a picnic, go for a walk, get into nature. Decorate your home simply, using natural and eco alternatives.

Lets have a WILDS Christmas this year and enjoy these special moments with friends and family.

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