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Sarah Hauser

Watersports Athlete

Sarah Hauser is an incredible watersports athlete from New Caledonia, a beautiful French island in the South Pacific. At age 15 she windsurfed her first wave and since then has been competing in all the big wave events and is the most incredible and inspiring windsurfer to watch.  Sarah was voted as the prestigious AWSI female windsurfer of the year and she has just launched an amazing film called Girl on a Wave.

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I dream about pushing the limits of the sport of windsurfing because it gives me insane sensations and it inspire people to believe that with a lot of work and love for what we do anything is possible. I dream about making films people enjoy watching and get them to know about our water sports. I’d love to see more women trying those sports especially the ones who are scared and think only males can do them.  Sarah Hauser

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Caroline Pemberton

Australian Television Presenter, Producer & Adventure Addict

Caroline is an Australian Television Presenter & Producer, Adventure Addict and once upon a time, Miss Australia… who spends much of her life either in front or behind the camera creating travel, adventure and action sports programming.

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“Spindrift is a brand that reminds me to play, celebrate my wanderlust, seek adventures & continue to write my journey around the world. I love the strength of its environmental policy with sustainability at its core reflected in each beach glass bead. Finally I find true inspiration in Tasha, the adventure entrepreneur who’s making it happen and bringing us these gorgeous pieces to remind us who we are & that our dreams are possible too”  Caroline Pemberton

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Anna McNuff

Adventurer, Speaker & Author

Anna is an endurance athlete, adventurer and mischief maker. Once upon a time she represented Great Britain at rowing, but after ‘retiring’ in her mid twenties, she began darting around the world on the hunt for new and exciting endurance challenges. She has cycled over 20,000 miles in Europe and the Americas, including through all 50 states of the USA. She has also run the length of New Zealand, and has a penchant for rollerblading.

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“I love everything about Spindrift collections. Not only are they reminding us that we must look after this world we live in, but the jewellery is just beautiful. When I’ve got my Spindrift pieces on, I’m ready for an adventure! Spindrift are an inspiration – doing everything a modern business should, not asking us to choose between style and a responsibility to protect the planet.” Anna McNuff

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Caroline Gleich

Ski Mountaineer & Adventurer

Caroline Gleich is a professional ski mountaineer and adventurer based in Salt Lake City. When she’s not on snow, she loves trail running, alpine climbing, ridge scrambling, biking and dreaming about her next adventure. A nature lover since birth, Caroline uses her voice as an athlete to advocate for social and environmental justice, working on issues such as climate change, clean air with non-profits such as Wilderness Society, Tree Utah and Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation. Caroline’s goal is to inspire people to get outside, live a healthy, active lifestyle and protect the places we love to play.

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Morgan Webert

Yogi, Surfer & Lifestyle Strategist

Morgan Is a Yoga Lifestyle Strategist on a mission to help individuals design sustainable healthy living habits because she believes everyone has something big to give the world and when we live our best we give our best, and the world becomes a better place.  With a degree in environmental science and a background in Ayurveda and yoga she focuses on aligning to nature’s rhythms to find optimal health and vitality for herself and clients. Born in the Colorado rocky mountains and living on the northern beaches of Sydney, she is both an ocean and mountain lover and spends her time in wilderness surfing, hiking and adventuring as much as she can.
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Louise Kelly

Yogi, Wellness Advocate & Mumma

Lou gathers people together, helping them find freedom in their body and mind. Encouraging students to listen to their bodies and to take what they learn on the mat into their everyday lives, she believes in an ever-evolving practice that changes with you as you journey through life.  When suffering from glandular fever, Lou used yoga as medicine to heal – ultimately finding more balance and happiness. Inspired to share this with others, she trained as a yoga teacher and left the corporate world. Growing up on a Mediterranean island, Lou developed a passion for beaches, sunshine, travel, sport and skiing. She nearly became a ski instructor, but it’s the ocean that has her heart and she chased her dream of living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  She has a lot of adventuring left in her, but doesn’t venture too far with a toddler in tow. Instead you’ll find her at Crossfit, renovating, creating natural health solutions with essential oils, or exploring local beaches with her family.

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