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My 3 Favourite Australian NSW Beaches

Picking my 3 most favourite beaches in NSW, Australia is not an easy task as there are so many amazing beaches to choose from, but here you go these are mine…

Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

I just love Manly Beach, it has to be one of my favourites, probably because its the closet beach to where I live and somewhere I visit every day! Although its close to the city, it feels a million miles away from the centre of Sydney. I love the beautiful calm clear water for swimming and snorkelling at Shelly Beach. There are so many amazing colourful fish to spot when out snorkelling around the rocks & by the reef and then the main beach has the most beautiful white sands and awesome turquoise water for surfing.  Shelly Beach is great spot for an evening picnic to watch the sun go down and is a perfect spot for a flat water paddle board – I love nothing more than an afterwork paddle at Shelly and the Bower. I have seen such incredible wildlife here over the years, my most memorable was an enormous sea turtle, the school of dolphins and the other day I saw a whale breach right outside the beach! Was amazing! Its up there with my favourite spots in Australia and I am grateful to live so close by so that I can visit every day

Gerroa Beach, NSW, Australia

Gerroa is an incredible beach, firstly because it is an amazing place to windsurf – one of my other water passions! It has waves, flat water and the best winds at the right time of the season. Its called 7 Mile beach – aptly named because of the 7 miles of beautiful sandy beach stretching out in front of you. The water is clear and absolutely perfect for windsurfing! We love to pack up our van on a Friday night & drive the 2 hours down after work. The clean fresh air & perfect beach views are heavenly to wake up to. Its a great surf, paddle & windsurf spot and a wonderful beach to wander along and just hang out with friends. There is a brilliant pub at the top of the headland serving fresh local fish, the perfect way to relax after a great day out on the water.

Mackerel Beach, Sydney, Australia

Thirty minutes ferry across from Palm Beach and it feels like a world away, the minute I step off the ferry I feel instantly relaxed and after a couple of days up at the Great Mackerel Beach I feel totally rejuvenated and inspired. There are some beautiful bush walks from Mackerel up to West Head & into the Basin and its a great spot to swim, sail & paddle board. The thing I love about it so much is that it is so quiet, no cars, no internet, no shops… its just perfect. There is most amazing wildlife here with wallabies, bush turkeys and the abundance of colourful birdlife! Im lucky enough to go to Mackerel every few months and always come back feeling fantastic! The beach is perfect for beach combing & I often find amazing pieces of driftwood for the Spindrift Collections displays. I have only ever found one piece of beach glass at Mackerel though, but I always look – just in case!

So there you have it my 3 favourite beaches in NSW. There are so many beaches that I love in this area, I could go on all night if a wrote about them all but others that I just love are: Seal Rocks, Watamala, Palm Beach, Clovelly and Freshwater to name just a few!

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